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Top 10 States for Outgoing Freight Loads (And What They Commonly Transport)
1. TEXAS Most common transported items are products derived from petroleum and coal, electronics, chemicals, machinery, transportation equipment, and agriculture. 2. california Most common transported items are airplane components, electric cars, rough diamonds, telecommunications equipment, almonds, petroleum liquids, and integrated circuits. 3. G
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Historic Heavy Hauls With That Wow Factor!
Anything larger than 8.6 feet in width, taller than 13.6 feet in height, longer than 53 feet, or that exceeds 80,000 pounds of gross weight is generally considered a heavy load. Heavy haul transport includes heavy equipment, wide loads, and oversized freight. “Anything larger” certainly opens the door for some pretty incredible hauls at times! Here
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Heavy Haul and Heavy Duty Tarping
Sometimes you will see flatbeds and stepdecks using heavy duty tarps. This keeps the commodity protected from rain, snow, wind, road debris, and sometimes even thieves. The most common commodities that are regularly tarped are lumber and steel. Due to how common that is, the tarp types are named after them but not restricted to use on them. Lumber
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Tire Chain Laws for Commercial Vehicles
During certain times of year (September through May) many states have “chain laws” in effect. This means that when you pass through these states while the chain laws are in effect, you must have chains on your tires. You can be sure these laws are in effect when snow is covering the road especially on roads with ascending grades. But so as not to g
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Winter Heavy Haul Hazards
Winter Heavy Haul Hazards
Because winter presents road hazards like no other time of the year, heavy haul trucking companies must be extra skillful in providing safe and effective hauling. It is crucial that you consider and understand these hazards when hiring any heavy haul trucking company. 1. Extreme Cold This is, by far, the greatest hazard to heavy haul trucking in th
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Seasonal Frost Laws That Affect Load Weight and Cause Speed Restrictions on Heavy Hauls
Next time you complain about those nasty pot holes and bumps in the road, know that there’s actually certain state laws designed to limit some of that damage caused by heavy vehicles. Commonly referred to as Frost Laws, these seasonsal restrictions on traffic weight limits and speeds are generally enforced in the months of March, April and May and
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FTL (Full Truckload Shipping)
Types of Shipments That Could Benefit the Most From FTL (Full Truckload Shipping)
Just about any freight shipment can benefit from FTL services, but the most common ones include commodities such as: Farming and/or construction equipment: tractors, combines, cranes, excavators, etc.Grains: wheat, oats, etc.Gravel and crushed stoneCoalSandGasolineCrude Oil As you can see, the list above includes mostly items that can only be shipp
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Axles and Weight Limitations for Oversize Loads
Axles and Weight Limitations for Oversize Loads
While numbers vary from state to state, most anything that exceeds 80,000 pounds of gross weight, is wider than 8.6 feet, taller than 13.6 feet, and longer than 53 feet, is generally considered a heavy load. But the type of tractor trailer that transports it also plays a major role in who should help you move that oversized load from point A to poi
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oversized-flatbed-shipment What is included and what is not when it comes to measuring the width of flatbed freight shipments?
How Wide Is Your Flatbed Shipment?
Federal Exclusions to Width Measurement for Overland Transported Freight In general, if the freight you're hauling is less than 102 inches wide, you are below the limits set by the federal government that triggers wideload permitting requirements. This means no over-dimensional permits, escorts, or other cost and schedule impacting rules to follow.
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oversize-load Tips to manage your over-dimensional freight shipment to avoid fees, fines, and delays. Complex wide load permitting can be managed with planning, know-how, and a smart route.
Wide Load Best Management Practices
Over-Dimensional Freight Transport Cost and Schedule Control Overland transport of wide loads or over dimensional flatbed hauling is a complicated business. Freight transport that exceeds federal, state, or local transportation rules, regulations, and guidelines of standard weight, height, width, or length dimensions can trigger a multitude of ship
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pilot-vehicle A route for an oversized load must be thoroughly researched and planned for in order to meet escort and pilot car requirement.
Wide-load Transport and Requirements for Pilot Vehicles
Do I Need an Escort Vehicle? If you have load that meets the criteria as an oversized transport, the next consideration is whether or not it will require escort vehicles for some or all of the route. And, as with all other rules of heavy load transportation, each state has it’s one set of pilot car requirements. Within each state these same rules a
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over-dimensional-permitting Federal and state exemptions for special mobile equipment includes military or farm equipment, road construction or maintenance machinery, emergency apparatus and equipment, etc.
Does Your Overland Freight Transport Require Over Dimensional Permitting?
Wide Load Metrics – Straight-Forward But Variable Of all the metrics that determine if a cargo load meets over-dimensional shipping criteria, width is the most straight-forward measurement to deal with. Why? Because unlike the other freight shipping metrics of length, height, and weight that go into determining if an over-dimensional permit, or per
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special-permit-transport Successfully navigating overweight transport rules can make or break a project. Know the DOT rules before loading up.
Things To Know When Shipping Over Dimensional Freight
Transporting loads that exceed height, weight, or length standards such as construction, military, agricultural equipment, for over the road shipping presents routing, permitting, and scheduling challenges. Shipping oversized and over-dimensional equipment and freight requires adherence to numerous rules, restrictions, and regulations. Understandin
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construction-materials-transport With knowledge and planning, and a reputable, experienced transport company, oversize load management can meet scheduling and budget requirements.
Is My Shipment Oversized?
Determining If Your Cargo Shipment Requires An Over-Dimensional Transport Permit Moving cargo that exceeds overland weight, height, or length shipping standards requires planning, permitting, and patience. Not to mention a bigger budget. With technical exemptions, legislative changes, and changing road conditions, navigating the over-dimensional pe
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work-truck-transport When traveling through multiple states, loads are required to meet state standards of load restrictions, permitting requirements, and other state-by-state standards.
Navigating Federal and State DOT Oversized, Overweight Transport Permit Requirements
An oversized load is simply anything the exceeds the maximum weight, height, width, or length dimension established by federal and state standards. Easy right? Traveling over federal interstates and other federally designated highways are subject to federal standards on weight, width, and length (there are no federal height restrictions.) Overlayin
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Welcome to the World of Heavy Hauling and Freight Transportation
Almost anything can be transported over the roads, highways, and interstates of America. Construction equipment, building materials, carnival equipment, yachts, mobile homes, and stretch limos! That’s called heavy hauling. Then there’s freight shipping that covers the transport of commodities, merchandise goods and cargo. If it’s on a pallet, it’s freight shipping.
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