FTL - Full Truckload Shipping

When is FTL the Best Choice?

When choosing shipping options for palleted freight goods, several factors come into play. Making the right transportation choice goes beyond space considerations. Depending on the product, schedule, and other client specific needs, FTL freight shipping may be exactly what you need:

  • Size – If your shipment is over 15,000 lbs. or 10 pallets
  • Delivery Dates – for the quickest, most direct delivery. With FTL palleted shipping, your freight is the only freight on the truck with only one delivery destination.
  • Handle with Care – For freight that is fragile or high-risk freight. With FTL, the shipment is loaded in and loaded out one time, with no mid-route truck or loading station transfers.

FTL freight shipping is the best option for large volume or fragile freight with a short cut-off delivery date. Scott’s Freight Shipping Service can answer your questions and arrange the best freight shipping solution for you. Call now for personalized service from someone who really knows the business of overland freight shipping.

For shipping volume less than 15,000 lbs. and 10 pallets, Less-Than-Truckload or Partial Truckload may be the option for you.