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Heavy Haul and Heavy Duty Tarping


Sometimes you will see flatbeds and stepdecks using heavy duty tarps. This keeps the commodity protected from rain, snow, wind, road debris, and sometimes even thieves.

The most common commodities that are regularly tarped are lumber and steel. Due to how common that is, the tarp types are named after them but not restricted to use on them.

Lumber Tarps

These are used to protect lumber and any other commodity suited for its size and features. They are generally 24’ x 27’ and two will cover a 48’ trailer stacked 8’ high.

They have curtain that covers the front of the load. The second tarp can be turned around so that the curtain covers the back of the load.

Because these tarps can weigh over 100 lbs, anything larger would be too heavy to handle. This is why you use them in pairs.

Steel Tarps

Generally 16’ x 24’ steel tarps can be used on all kinds of commodities other than steel. They are basically designed for loads that don’t take up much volume so there’s less tarp material.

Smoke Tarps and Other Tarp Sizes

If a smaller tarp is needed to protect the load from dust, smoke and soot, these 10’ x 12’ tarps can be put over the front of the load. It can also be used to replace the flap of a lumber tarp.

Custom sizes can also be made to suit your needs.

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