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Winter Heavy Haul Hazards

Winter Heavy Haul Hazards

Because winter presents road hazards like no other time of the year, heavy haul trucking companies must be extra skillful in providing safe and effective hauling. It is crucial that you consider and understand these hazards when hiring any heavy haul trucking company.

1. Extreme Cold

This is, by far, the greatest hazard to heavy haul trucking in the winter. Choose a heavy haul trucking company that has temperature control for the goods they are hauling. At the very least, make sure their trucks are heavily insulated so as to protect your goods from freezing temperatures.

2. Bad Weather That Affects Driving Conditions

If a heavy haul trucker is driving in or through areas where the winter months include snow and ice, you can be sure they will run into bad weather somewhere along the way. Though they are professionals, even the best of drivers can have problems driving in hazardous conditions. If you still need to risk shipping in the winter, it will probably take longer.

3. Holiday Traffic Issues

During the holiday months of November and December, the roads are often packed with people shopping and traveling to see friends and family. This means that heavy haul truckers may run into traffic jams and other unforseen complications caused by too many people on the road.

Prepare for Potential Problems

Heavy haul trucking in the winter can be done, but it requires that potential problems are prepared for in advance. It also requires using the right heavy haul trucking company! Call us anytime at Scotts. We are happy to discuss your concerns. Rest assured, we take all precautions possible to protect your wide load.

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